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Smart Investment Portfolio, that suits you best

Build a globally diversified portfolio through ETFs and alternative investments

Hyperinflation, recession, and geopolitical shocks dictate their own game rules. Retail investors have a hard time, as many stocks show negative returns, and inflation eats up bond coupons. How to preserve capital and avoid significant risks?

The challenge

It is creating a portfolio of different types of assets that have low correlation and show high potential returns.

Lintu is a complete replacement for your financial advisor - the selection of instruments ideally suited to your risk-profit profile. One-stop access to various asset classes such as cryptocurrency, wine, art, or land.

The solution

A unique and customized workflows.
Personalized portfolio for each retail investor
Unique and customized
Easy as pie, even for your grandma
Сlear & transparent
In 1 place. ETFs,
OTC-markets and crypto
By EU regulations and FIN-FSA.
European Investor Protection Scheme applied
Regulated investments
Reporting & tax optimization tools
Taxes sorted
Always balanced and aligned to you
Auto rebalancing

Features & Benefits

By participating in early access you will get the benefits of the platform six months earlier. Don't miss out on the dividends during this time

Be the first

Retail investors are under pressure to mitigate risk and drive performance in rapidly changing and unpredictable markets.

Understand the complexities of investing in global financial instruments with Lintu AI. Put your investments on autopilot and sit back!

What is Lintu Investments

Supported by
Our startup was entrusted with such accelerators as
Fintech innovation services and run a global ecosystem of partners, including startups, corporations, and authorities.
Fintech Farm
Fintech Finland
Neutral, non-profit organization created to boost fintech services in Finland and help fintech companies grow internationally.
Business Finland
Finland's government agency for trade and investment promotion, innovation funding, travel promotion and talent attraction.
Helsinki Business Accelerator
Provides ongoing mentoring and funding to help young businesses launch a product through great expertise.

Founding story

The Lintu team is engaged in independent investments in foreign markets and has a client portfolio of several million EURs.
Our mission is to create a suitable portfolio and a comfortable strategy for a single individual, regardless of portfolio size.
We aim to unite the stock market, crypto-currencies, and over-the-counter markets, previously available only to institutional investors.
30 questions
we need to put together the perfect investment portfolio uniquely for you
Nikita Pechatkin
Finance and company strategy
Andrey Pustovalov
Mathematical modelling
Vladislav Patserin
Business Development
Georgy Sharov
Partnership manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Request early access
in the end of 2023

Once we complete our MVP, you will get access to try out the platform as one of the first